With all of the attention on the Presidential race, a voter might forget about the rest of the elections they will be voting on. Today, the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association – Political Action Fund (NFOA-PAF) announced their 2012 endorsements for Nebraska State Legislative candidates.

 NFOA-PAF endorsements are based on the voting history of incumbents or others that have held office as well as how active they have been in supporting firearms rights legislation. "For those who do not have a legislative history," NFOA-PAF President Andy Allen stated, "We have based our endorsements off of our Candidate Survey but also consider conversations and other interactions that we have had with the candidates."

 "The NFOA-PAF is a ‘single issue’ PAC." Allen continued, "Many people have other issues that are important to them, and we understand that. But just as it would not be right for a pro-life group to endorse on the basis of gay rights issues, it is not appropriate for us to consider anything but Second Amendment rights when issuing our endorsements. We recommend you find other groups that grade candidates on those other issues that are important to you."

 We are pleased to announce that the following Nebraska State Legislative candidates have received a 2012 NFOA-PAF endorsement: Bill Kintner, Scott Price, Erica Fish, Susan Smith, Charlie Janssen, Dave Bloomfield, Mike Hilgers, Colby Coash, Larry Zimmerman, Acela Turco, Beau McCoy, John Ravenscroft, Richard Carter, and Ken Schilz.

 Nebraska Firearms Owners Association – Political Action Fund is a State political action committee dedicated to being a leader in preserving the right of all law-abiding Nebraskans to purchase, possess, and use firearms as guaranteed by the Nebraska State Constitution and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The 2012 NFOA-PAF Legislative Candidate Survey, candidate responses, and additional organization information can be found at our website: www.nfoapaf.org.

Contacts: Andreas (Andy) Allen President NFOA-PAF PO Box 45604 Omaha, NE 68145-0604 (402) 321-5520