It's official!  We are going to have a NFOA Day at the Legislature.  Mark your calendars.  We have Room 1524 reserved for us on February 18th. Meeting begins at 8:00 a.m.. We have invited several senators to this event.  We will quickly review the bills we are watching this year, our priority bills, and what you need to know about how to impact the progress of those bills. A guest speaker will give a brief refresher for us on how bills are introduced and the process they go through toward becoming law. Another guest will discuss ways to get involved and be effective in communicating with your senator. That's a lot to pack into one hour, but I'm confident we will do it and at 9:00 you can go find your senator and share your views with them, discussing the bills you are most concerned with. We'll help you with finding your senator and assist with any questions you have. The General Session begins at 10 a.m.. We will meet up in the balcony, watch the Proceedings and be recognized by the Speaker of Legislature. This is an important opportunity for all of us. Let's find a way to make it to Lincoln that morning and be seen!