Board of Directors & Meetings

The current members of the 2017 NFOA Board of Directors are listed below.
Patricia Harrold – President

Patricia Harrold, is a USAF veteran who has served on the NFOA board for the last 2 years. She undertook the role of secretary, helping NFOA streamline meetings and communication. As one of NFOA’s registered lobbyists, she worked hard to generate understanding and support for the rights of firearms owners in Nebraska. She organized several educational events and worked countless hours in support of LB-289, visiting with senators and their legislative aides and crafting several written communication pieces. As a participant in the Communications committee, she has developed numerous social marketing messages and promotions. Patricia was a core participant in planning and executing our Annual Member Meeting many policies and strategies that have improved NFOA’s operations and communications. She is also the chapter leader of the Well Armed Woman – a non-profit group working to advance firearms skills and knowledge in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Les Lewis – Vice President

Long-term firearm owner, NFOA member and volunteer. Les has contributed to several member engagement and communication projects and recruiting events. A life-long Nebraskan, Les has spent countless hours serving the community and actively pursuing a passion for firearms and the 2nd Amendment as a gun enthusiast, hunter and sportsman.

Andy Roche – Secretary

Bio: Andy Roche is a current member of the National Rifle Association and the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Andy grew up with a father who was in the Air Force and over the years we lived all over the country as well as Japan and Germany. Traveling the world exposed Andy to different points of view and belief systems around the world. Andy saw what a government could do to a people and realized that the rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution were a precious thing that could be lost if we aren’t willing to stand up and defend them. After Andy purchased his first firearm, He learned as much as he could about firearms, including the laws that restrict our use of them.

The 2nd Amendment and the constitutional rights guaranteed in the State of Nebraska are our best defense for all the other rights we are granted. However, these days so many people want to limit that right because they don’t understand what ownership of a firearm means to them in the long run. Andy enjoys using his guns for leisure, a little competition, and self-defense.

Andy has been a consultant for 23 years in the IT industry. Andy is investigating a NFOA membership management software system, as well as having input on the technical aspects of our NFOA organization. A challenge technically is to assisting our members to become more engaged and interact with NFOA members.

Rod Moeller – Director of Government Affairs

Bio: Rod Moeller has served on the board for the past 6 years. The past 3 years as President and 3 years prior as Vice President. Rod is dedicated to the NFOA, NFOA principles, and our mission.

Rod is a Nebraska native, born and raised in rural Lancaster County. After serving 4 years in the Army Rod moved back to Nebraska and eventually moved to Omaha for job opportunities.

Rod’s efforts over the past couple years have been to continue advancing the professional image and influence of the NFOA. The NFOA has achieved this through hosting events for the Senators, their staff, legislative candidates and our members. This included breakfast for the senators at the Capitol during session, the Legislative Education Summit for current staff and candidates, co-hosting legislative events with our partners. 2016 was the 2nd election cycle we put this educational event together.

Rod is currently one of three unpaid registered lobbyists for the NFOA. Rod’s priority is to present the NFOA as a professional organization, building on the good reputation we have established over the past 8 years.

Rod has also worked on developing relationships with other like-minded organizations. Some have turned into great partnerships that have continued to advance our organization.

Trey Leffingwell – Treasurer

Bio: Trey is a former Lieutenant Commander in United States Navy, and was honorably discharged in 2001. Trey is originally from Texas, he moved to Nebraska that same year for residency training at UNMC. Trey is currently in private practice dental specialty practice (Endodontics) in Lincoln. Trey has been active in the firearms community in Nebraska for several years from competition shooting to instructing. Trey has been a member (#32) of the NFOA since 2008. He has a particular interest in the lawful use of deadly force (justifiable homicide) having taken almost 100 hours of continuing legal education on the topic. Recently, Trey has become an affiliated CCW instructor with 88 Tactical, along with being a part of their Tactical Medicine Advisory Board.